TryHackMe write-up: Poster


This is my write-up for TryHackMe’s Poster Room


Using nmap, I saw that this box has several ports open.

Using metasploit, I was able to get both the database user and password.

Using the credentials found, I was able to get the database version, a dump of the database user hashes and more. Below is a screenshot of the database version:


Still using Metasploit, I used an exploit module to get a reverse shell.

Running the exploit module, I was able to get a shell and get credentials for 1 user.

Using the credentials found, I then used SSH to connect to the target. I then found a config file which contained credentials for the 2nd user.

Using this set of credentials, I then ran “su” as the second user. I was then able to see the contents of the user.txt file.

Privilege Escalation

It turns out, this 2nd user had SUDO privileges. I was then able to access root.txt using this.




I like breaking stuff.

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I like breaking stuff.

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